Social Security

If you reside in Denmark and have questions regarding services provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA), you must contact the SSA Federal Benefits Unit (FBU) located in Norway.  For more information on the FBU’s services and how to contact them, please visit their webpage at:  For questions not addressed by their website, you may contact the FBU at:

For comprehensive information on SSA’s services abroad, please visit SSA’s webpage Service Around the World.

If you are already receiving SSA benefits payments, there will be no change in the method of distribution of those payments.

Social Security Number Applicants Can Receive Certified Copies by Mail 

IMPORTANT – This service is ONLY available if you are applying for a Social Security Number with the Federal Benefits Unit in Oslo, Norway.  If you need certified copies for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) or any other reason, you must book an in-person notary appointment and pay the required fee.     


You must be a Danish resident to use this service.  If you need certified copies of your true original documents for your Social Security Number (SSN) application, you can mail these original documents to the U.S. Embassy in Copenhagen.  We will make certified copies at no fee and then mail the original documents and certified copies back to you.  Please carefully follow the instructions below:

  1. Visit the FBU website at: to learn more about applying for a Social Security Number. Contact the Federal Benefits Unit (FBU) in Oslo, Norway if you have questions about which documents are required for your application.  The FBU email address is:
  2. Obtain a pre-paid A5 (C5) self-addressed envelope. The envelope should be addressed to the address where you want your original documents and certified copies mailed back to you within the Kingdom of Denmark. The envelope should include a recommended mail postage label. Retain your tracking number. Alternatively, you may add 96 DKK stamps on your return envelope for Denmark, and 132 DKK stamps for Greenland or Faroe Islands.
  3. Mail your true original documents – AND the pre-paid, self-addressed envelope that will be used to mail your documents back to you – to the U.S. Embassy in Copenhagen at the below address:

U.S. Embassy Copenhagen

Attn: Consular – American Citizen Services

Dag Hammarskjolds Alle 24

2100 Copenhagen Denmark


  • Be sure to include a RETURN ADDRESS on the package you mail to the Embassy. Envelopes without a return address will be rejected for security reasons.
  • Be sure to write “Attn: Consular – American Citizen Services” on the package you mail to the Embassy or it may be rejected for security reasons.
  • Please include your name, phone number, and email address inside your package so that we can contact you if needed.
  1. The U.S. Embassy in Copenhagen CANNOT provide confirmation that we have received your package. We strongly encourage you to mail your original documents with a recommended mail postage label so you can track your package and confirm it has arrived.  You should receive your original documents and certified copies back within 4 weeks.  If you have not received your documents back within that time you may contact the Embassy at
  1. If you are a resident of Sweden, you must contact the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm. We cannot provide certified copy services for individuals who are not resident in Denmark.