COVID-19 Information

The Department of State has issued a Global Level 4 Health Advisory advising U.S. citizens to avoid all international travel due to the global impact of COVID-19.


Country-Specific Information:

  • The Kingdom of Denmark has confirmed cases of COVID-19 within its borders, including Greenland and the Faroe Islands.
  • Flights to the U.S. are available via commercial carrier, but are limited.  There are no direct flights between Denmark and the United States. There are daily flights from Copenhagen to two main hubs in Europe with daily flights to the U.S. on multiple carriers:  Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Book flights directly with the airline.
  • U.S. citizens who wish to depart Denmark should do so immediately or be prepared to remain abroad for an indefinite period.  The U.S. government does not anticipate arranging repatriation flights in Denmark at this time.

Entry and Exit Requirements:

  • Denmark: Effective 12:00 p.m. on March 14 the government of Denmark closed its borders to all but Danish citizens, individuals with Danish work or residency permits, and those the Danish government determines have a critical purpose of travel (eg, someone commissioned to provide goods or services in Denmark).  The closures will be in effect until May 10.
  • There are NO travel restrictions for U.S. citizens who want to depart Denmark.’
  • Border closures will impact a significant number of train, air, and ferry routes.  It will also include a complete stop of all cruise ship traffic to Denmark until May 10.
  • Effective March 20, only three land ports of entry between Germany and Denmark are operational:  Sæd, Frøslev, and Kruså.  Train and ferry service between Denmark and Germany is still operational via certain locations.  Visit the Danish National Police website, your train operator, and/or your ferry operator website for the most up-to-date information on border operations between Denmark and Germany via land and sea.
  • Schengen Visa Overstays:  Danish authorities announced new procedures for foreign citizens who have overstayed their authorized period of stay in Denmark due to COVID-19 related travel disruptions.  Effective March 23, when a foreign citizen is departing Denmark the Danish Border Police will assess the reason for the overstay (if applicable).  If the Danish authorities determine the overstay was the result of COVID-19 they will issue a letter to the person confirming that the date of departure from Denmark has been postponed by 60 days.  This determination will only be made at the time of departure from Denmark.  You should not go to a Danish police station seeking an assessment and/or letter in advance of your departure date.  Full information can be found on the Danish Immigration Services website.
  • Greenland: Effective midnight on March 20, the Greenlandic government suspended all domestic flights, including those between Kangerlussuaq and Copenhagen.  Major ferry services in Greenland closed on March 21.  After this date, the possibility of emergency patient evacuations and limited services for other urgent travel will be evaluated by the Greenlandic government on a case-by-case basis.  In addition, the Greenlandic government has banned all individuals from entering or leaving the capital city of Nuuk.  This ban is in effect until at least April 30.  The Greenlandic National Medical Office has additional information about COVID-19 in Greenland (available in English).
  • The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs updated their travel guidance on March 13 urging citizens to avoid all non-essential travel.
Quarantine Information:
  • Danish authorities recommend that anyone coming to Denmark from another country remain home for 14 days after entry into Denmark.  If you do not feel ill and have no flu-like symptoms, you should follow the rules in place for all individuals in Denmark to avoid gatherings of 10 or more people, wash your hands frequently, and only go out for necessary reasons such as buying food/groceries and/or medication.
  • If you are exhibiting flu-like symptoms and believe you have COVID-19 do not go to an emergency room, your doctor’s office, or the U.S. Embassy in Copenhagen.  Call your doctor or the Danish COVID-19 hotline number at +45 70 20 02 33.  A medical professional will provide you instructions on next steps for testing and care.
  • Detailed information about COVID-19 in Denmark – including where to go for help and how to determine if you should self-quarantine – can be found on the Danish National Police website.

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