Book an Appointment

Appointments on this page are for American Citizen Services ONLY. Our section cannot assist with any immigration, visa or ESTA services.

All routine services are provided on an appointment basis. Passport and notarial appointments must be scheduled through our web site and cannot be scheduled by calling or emailing the American Citizen Services Unit.  Appointments for Consular Reports of Birth Abroad (CRBAs) are made by consular staff once a completed application form (DS-2029) has been received. For more details about the CRBA process, including appointment scheduling, please review our CRBA website.

The American Citizen Services Unit has appointments available every weekday morning, except Fridays, from 9AM -12PM for services relating to passports, citizenship and notary services. For any unusual or urgent situations, please contact us at

In the step-by-step instructions for passport and notarial services, you will find a link to a separate appointment site. Making, changing, or canceling an appointment is free of charge. After you have set up your appointment, you will get a page with an individual appointment identification number and a password. Please print this page as you may need it to change or cancel your appointment should you need to do so.  Appointments may be scheduled up to two months in advance. From the menu you can pick the service you require.

Before setting up your appointment, please make sure to read the instructions related to the service you desire carefully and download and complete the necessary forms before your visit the Embassy.

The American Citizen Services Unit requests that you schedule one appointment for each person that needs a service. If this is not possible, please contact the American Citizen Services Unit by e-mail at Appointments are mandatory for all routine visits to the US Embassy. Customers with an emergency requiring immediate attention (lost/stolen passport or immediate travel) may be admitted during our regular opening hours without an appointment.

Please book a passport or notarial appointment through our appointment website.

If no appointment is available and you have urgent travel, please call (45) 33 41 7100.

We are closed on U.S. and Danish holidays, which are listed on our Embassy holiday calendar.

Please have a form of photo identification available to present to the guard. Once verified, the guard will begin the security scanning process, which is similar to that of most international airports.

When entering the security area, the guard will ask you to empty your pockets of all metal items, no matter what size and shape. Belts with a metal buckle must also be removed.

All small electronic items, such as mobile phones, iPods, MP 3 players and USB keys, must be left with the guards. The items stay in the security area, where you may recover them upon your departure. The guard provides a receipt for your items.

Due to security restrictions, no portable computers, iPads, eReaders (such as Kindles or Nooks) and large bags (back packs, suitcases, etc.) are allowed in the embassy.

Knives and other weapon-like items are prohibited
in the Embassy. If you have a knife or other weapon like item on your person or in your baggage, you must tell the guard. Any knife or other weapon like item found by the guard during the search will be confiscated and turned over to the Danish police. You are strongly advised to leave all knives and other weapon-like items at home.

After emptying your pockets, please walk through the metal detector. If cleared by the detector and the guard, you continue forward and may recover your non-electronic items.