Narrative explaining the personal information on DS-2029

The following example involves two fictional U.S. citizens, David and Jennifer Smith, and their child, John Smith. Jennifer was careful to include her former name in item 6 on page 1. Also, David was careful to include his prior marriage to Jane Smith in item 23 on page 2. David was also careful to bring the original and one copy of his final divorce decree with him to the interview. David and Jennifer’s lives in the United States are very precisely reflected in items 24 and 25.

From item 24, we can see that Jennifer was born in New York City but moved to Albany as a small child. She then spent her entire childhood and teenage years in Albany before moving to New Orleans at age 20 to pursue a career as a freelance photographer. She did not get her first U.S. passport until 2002, when she took her first trip to Denmark. She also took a trip to Africa in 2005, where she shot her award-winning safari photos. In 2009, she moved to St. Louis, where she met David and got married. She lived in St. Louis until 2011, when she and David moved to Copenhagen.

From item 25, we can see that David was born in Baltimore but immediately moved abroad, where he spent most of his childhood. He came back to the United States at age 11 and lived in San Francisco with his parents until he moved to Pennsylvania for college in 1997. He spent his first summer working in Pennsylvania. The second summer, he moved to Denmark for a year-long exchange program. He returned to the U.S. in 2000, where he spent his summer holiday with his parents in California before returning to Pennsylvania for his last year of college. After college, he again visited his parents in California before moving to St. Louis, where he eventually met his first wife, Jane. The two married in 2007 and took a brief honeymoon abroad, but unfortunately, their marriage did not work out. David later married Jennifer, and the two moved to Denmark in May of 2011. Neither has returned to the United States since.