Elephant, Donkeys or Third Party Animal? – Election Debate at the Youth Folkemøde

The U.S. Ambassador, Rufus Gifford, participated in a debate concerning the election and the American Presidential System   Hundreds of students gathered around one of the main stages as the debate on the American Election was about to begin. First up on the agenda was a small introduction to the election and the American political system ...
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Danish students help with counter-radicalization

The U.S. Embassy organized a workshop on counter-radicalization for approximately 90 young Danish pupils in the age of 15-20 at the Youth Folkemøde. The intention of the workshop was to open a dialogue on violent extremism and radicalization with the participants and discuss what initiatives can be taken to prevent these unfortunately very relevant and ...
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Celebrating Democracy at First Ever Youth Folkemøde

In September, the U.S. Embassy in Denmark took part in a celebration of democracy along with thousands of Danish Students. The sun was shining bright over Søndermarken, Copenhagen. It was the early hours of the first ever Youth Folkemøde , also called UFM16, in Denmark. Thursday the 8th of September marked the first day of this very ...
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