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Study & Traineeship Opportunities for Greenlanders in the United States

A variety of opportunities to study or experience internships/traineeships exist in the United States for interested applicants.

For Greenlanders wishing to study at the university or post-graduate level, the Fulbright Commission offers counseling services free of charge. https://fulbrightcenter.dk

For applicants interested in internships or traineeships, please contact the organizations listed below directly.

Study Opportunities

Education-based Programs


  • University of Alaska Academic Affairs and Research Department has a Workforce Program. Please see: http://www.alaska.edu/research/wp
  • Students On Ice is a World Wildlife Fund scholarship for Greenlandic/ Inuit students ages 14-18 to participate in an Arctic expedition learn about the circumpolar world. To find out more, please visit www.studentsonice.com
  • University of the Arctic is an international cooperative network consisting of universities, colleges, and other organizations with an interest in promoting education and research in the circumpolar region of the North. To find out more, please see: http://www.uarctic.org
  • Institute of International Education Applicants can apply for personal research scholarships while earning undergraduate or graduate degrees at accredited United States institutions. For more information, please see: www.fundingusstudy.org

Traineeship Opportunities

Government-based Programs

  • Local Internships at the United States Embassy, Copenhagen, Denmark,  U.S. Department of State
    Local internships are available in all departments of the United States Embassy in Copenhagen.  If interested in applying, please see the U.S. Embassy website.

Non-Profit Organizations



United States of America


Community Connections

  • American Council for International Education, offers home-stay based practical training opportunities for people in business/government/NGOs/legal profession. www.americancouncils.org
  • InterExchange is a non-profit that provides professionals and students outside of the USA the opportunity to apply for internships, trainee programs, childcare jobs and short-term seasonal work. Please see: www.interexchange.org
  • International Arts and Artists is a non-profit organization that encourages cultural exchange between artists from around the world. They offer US-based trainee and internship experiences in the arts, media and museum fields. For more information, please visit https://www.artsandartists.org
Private Organizations
  • International Trainee Network brings people from all over the world to participate in traineeships in the luxury hotel/tourism business in the USA. https://www.itnusa.com/
  • Cultural Homestay International connects students and young professionals who would like to work in the USA for a short time (accommodations are homestays) with “host businesses” in a variety of fields. Their branch CHI Au Pair USA matches those wishing to provide childcare in the USA with host families. https://chinet.org/
  • International Interns USA helps students and professionals from all over the world find trainee and internship programs in the USA. They also assist with visa sponsorship. Please see: http://usainternship.com
  • ASPIRE Worldwide is an internship/traineeship program that helps professionals from around the world develop skills to take back to their home countries. Host companies are able to choose from a pool of qualified candidates. This organization also assists with participant with a visa, American Consulate interviews, opening a bank account, and other practicalities. https://aspireww.com/
  • CIEE Internship USA helps recent students and young professionals find (paid) internships in the USA in a variety of fields. They assist with the visa and general moving process for each client. https://www.ciee.org/
  • International Student offers a combination graduate study-work program in a handful of schools around the United States that allows students to work full time during the day while taking graduate classes in the evening. Please see: https://www.internationalstudent.com/
Online Resources
  • GoAbroad is an online resource that compiles resources for professionals and students looking to work in the United States or elsewhere. It is possible to refine your search to only organizations in the USA.  Please see: https://www.goabroad.com
  • The Intern Queen is an online resource that list internships (paid and unpaid) in the entertainment industry and assists students or recent graduates in submitting their resumes for consideration. The site also lists helpful information about how to get an internship, interview strategies, etc. This organization does not assist in visa procurement. Please see: https://www.internqueen.com/