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Statement from the U.S. Embassy on the situation in the U.S. following the death of George Floyd
Seal of the United States Embassy Copenhagen

United States Embassy Copenhagen

June 3, 2020

As President Trump has stated, ‘the death of George Floyd was a grave tragedy and should never have happened. It has filled Americans all over the country with horror, anger, and grief.’ Our Department of Justice has made clear that accountability for his death is being addressed through the regular process of our criminal justice system, both at the state and at the federal level. Justice will be served.

We will always stand for the rights of all people to peacefully protest and let their voices be heard, but we also stand in opposition to anyone exploiting this tragedy to loot, rob, attack, and menace. Unfortunately, with the rioting occurring in many parts of America, the voices of peaceful protesters are being hijacked and exploited. America is a nation built on freedom for all and a commitment to the rule of law. We will continue to defend the rights of all our citizens to live without violence, prejudice, or fear.