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School Outreach

Are you a teacher or student in the Danish public school system?

Or just interested in information about the U.S. in Danish?

Then read on!

The Public Affairs Section at the U.S. Embassy in Copenhagen has a special web site for school kids of all ages. The site focuses on American culture, history, and politics as well as issues and concepts like climate and energy and innovation and entrepreneurship.

The site is a work in progress with ever expanding amounts of material.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to teach – and learn – American history, politics, and culture in English or Danish in direct collaboration with the U.S. Embassy in Copenhagen.

The site is called USA i skolen.

There’s something for everybody!

The site contains material for all ages from six to 18 years. For the younger kids the embassy’s mascot and all round furry diplomat Teddy explains the U.S. to the kids. For the older kids, ages 13 – 18, material covering such subjects such as English, history, social sciences, entrepreneurship and innovation, philosophy and others are made available. Materials include texts and images, audio and video. Students and teachers can also upload their own material.

Embassy Speakers – We’ll come to you

Due to building renovations, the embassy is not accepting visits from groups at this time. On occasion we can send a U.S. Diplomat to your school or place of work, to give a presentation on topics of relevance to the United States.  If you are interested in that, please send us an email at copenhagenIRC@state.gov and let us know the type of event, the suggested dates/times and number of people involved.