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Request for Quotation for Winter Driving Training for the Motor Pool Staff

The U.S. Embassy Copenhagen is seeking companies who can provide a quotation for Winter Driving Training for the Embassy’s Motor Pool Staff.

The Embassy is looking to purchase advanced winter driving training. The course should as a minimum contain of 2 full days of instruction on safe driving on snow and ice.

The vendor must provide these items as part of the instruction:

  • Frozen lake, or other suitable winter location, with average daily temperatures between -10 and -15 celsius.
  • Recent model (1-2 year old) high performance vehicles with all stability programs installed.  1 car per student.
  • Professional driving instructors.
  • Instruction on the following:
    • Vehicle dynamics and traction control systems.
    • Loss of traction recovery.
    • Dynamics of driving in icy conditions.
    • Other related items (tire selection, tire dynamics, etc).
  • Lodging for arrival day, and each day of training.
  • Conference facilities for instruction of driving theory.
  • All meals and drinks upon arrive, to be provided until departure.
  • Transportation to/from the airport that is nearest the training location.

For more detailed information, please contact:
Copenhagen Procurement Team
E-mail: CopenhagenProcurement@state.gov