Remarks by Chargé d’Affaires a.i. Stephen A. Cristina at AmCham’s “Meet the Leaders”

Finance Minister Bjarne Corydon (centre) with Stephen Brugger, AmCham; Torsten Moe, PwC; U.S. Charge d'Affairs a.i. Stephen Cristina; and Niels Josephsen, CEO, Ernst & Young. (Photo: Amcham)
Finance Minister Bjarne Corydon (centre) with Stephen Brugger, AmCham; Torsten Moe, PwC; U.S. Charge d’Affairs a.i. Stephen Cristina; and Niels Josephsen, CEO, Ernst & Young. (Photo: Amcham)

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my pleasure to be here today and welcome this impressive group of business leaders and foreign investors, and our guest of honor, Minister Corydon.

The relationship between the Embassy and AmCham is a strong and active one. We have supported each other throughout the years, and I look forward to that continuing – there are several upcoming events I’m sure Stephen will be reaching out to you about!

We all, governments and businesses alike, are facing serious challenges, specifically how do we stimulate growth, deal with the structural problems we face, maintain the level of services that our populations need, while maintaining competitiveness with rapidly developing economies

No matter how excellent is your product, your businesses cannot prosper if your customers are not buying or if you cannot maintain a steady flow of skilled and talented employees anymore than a well-built sailboat can make way in the doldrums.

Neither business nor government can deal with these challenges alone. We need one another. And that´s where the AmCham comes in.

I want to thank AmCham for being the voice of international business in Denmark and for its focus on Denmark’s business environment and its tireless work to make this country an even better place for American companies to operate and do business.

AmCham’s efforts build on the already diverse and strong ties between Denmark and the United States.

There are the obvious commercial and economic ties, but we are also partners in a wide range of many other important areas such as scientific research, military cooperation, and cultural and educational exchanges.

It is often a result of strong partnerships when a company decides to invest in a country to grow the market and expand its business. It is a symbol for a real long-term friendship and commitment when two countries have so many bilateral investments in their respective markets.

I am especially grateful that the Danish Government continues to actively support the trade and investment ties with the U.S. and appreciates the importance of those ties not only to fostering strong and stable economies on both sides of the Atlantic but also to fostering a true sense of political partnership in facing the many challenges of the 21st century.

In just a few short years, Minister Corydon has established himself as a driving force in creating sound fiscal policies for Denmark and maintaining international confidence in the Danish economy.

Maintaining this stability and confidence is critical not just to Danish businesses but also to foreign investors – including the

many American companies here in this room.

Economic challenges – whether they be in Denmark, in the Euro zone, or in the U.S. – require economic solutions.

The Minister has been one of the driving figures behind the government’s Growth.DK plan, and I am sure that we will all be intensely interested in hearing the Minister’s comments on the plan and his outlook for the private sector as a driver of growth.

Please allow me to introduce the Minister, Bjarne Corydon.

Thank you.

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