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President Biden Invites 40 World Leaders to Summit on Climate
March 29, 2021

The White House, WashingtonOn Friday, March 26, President Biden invited the Danish Prime Minister and 39 other world leaders to participate in a Virtual Leaders Summit on Climate on April 22-23. The Summit will underscore the necessity and importance of a strong united approach to climate issues and outline the economical benefits entailed.

One of the key ambitions of the Leaders Summit, and the COP26, will be to unite efforts, to keep scientists’ goals of containing global warming to 1,5 degrees Celsius obtainable and thereby prevent the worst outcomes of climate change. The Summit will, additionally, highlight examples of how bigger climate ambitions will create well-payed jobs, advance innovative technologies, and help exposed countries adapt to climate changes.

When the Summit arrives, the US will announce an ambitious 2030 emission reduction, as its new national commitment to The Paris Agreement.

President Biden encourages the invited leaders to showcase how their respective countries will contribute to stronger, more unified climate ambitions.