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In this section you can find links to news stories from 2013-2017 about Ambassador Gifford or the Embassy.
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2017.01.16 | Rufus Gifford is honored by H.M. Queen Margrethe II
DR News – The Ambassador reflects on his Order of Dannebrog medal (Video)

2017.01.14 | Rufus Gifford bids farewell
DR News – Last interview with DR (Video)

2017.01.11 | US Ambassador turns day job into hit TV-show
CNN – Article on the Ambassador and “Jeg er Ambassadøren Fra Amerika” (Video)


2016.11.03 | Meet The Gay Reality-show Star Who Also Happens To Be The U.S. Ambassador To Denmark

CBS News  – Article on “Jeg er Ambassadøren Fra Amerika”

2016.10.18 Reality TV Has Fans Keeping Up With a Diplomat
Wall Street Journal – Article on “Jeg er Ambassadøren fra Amerika”

2016.10.01 | Big In Denmark: The U.S. Ambassador
Profile of Ambassador Gifford in The Atlantic

2016.09.30 | Focus on refugees and Danish business conditions at the American ambassadorial residence
Foreningen Nydansker – Article on the Refugee Mentoring Reception co-hosted by the Ambassador at Rydhave

2016.09.15 | First Improv Comedy Theatre opens in Copenhagen
CPH Post – Article on the Ambassador’s participation in the official opening of the new Improv Theatre in Copenhagen.

2016.08.29 | Program launched to mentor highly-qualified refugees
CPH Post – Article on the Refugee Mentoring Reception co-hosted by the Ambassador at Rydhave

2016.07.20 | Ambassador Gifford’s op-ed on climate change and green energy
Op-ed in Berlingske Tidende

2016.06.13 | Ambassador Gifford on The Orlando Attack
Interview in Jyllands-Posten on the shootings in Orlando

2016.02.11 | Ambassador Gifford’s and Dr. Stephen DeVincent’s Wedding in Copenhagen
Article in Vogue


2015.10.10 | Gallery: Ambassador Rufus Gifford Gets His Stephen
Berlingske – Pictures from The Ambassador’s wedding

2015.07.04 | Ambassador Gifford on historical Supreme Court Decision
Politiken interview with the Ambassador brought on Independence Day

2015.02.22 | “All Religions Must Be Embraced”
Berlingske – The Ambassador on the terror attacks in Copenhagen


2014.10.04 | TV: Ambassador Gifford at Tønder Festival
DR K program about Tønder Festivallen

2014.07.18 | The U.S. Wants to Support Development in Greenland
Article in Sermitsiaq.
English full translation (PDF 350 KB)

2014.07.16 | Ambassador: The Thule Base Is Still Important to the U.S.
Article on Kalaallit Nunaata Radioa´s website

2014.07.15 | American Ambassador Wants to Help Greenland Forwards
Article on Kalaallit Nunaata Radioa´s website

2014.07.15 | Video: The U.S. Ambassador Takes Part in Rescue Operation
Video and article on Kalaallit Nunaata Radioa´s website

2014.07.14 | Pictures: U.S. Ambassador Wants a Strengthened Greenland Economy
Photos and article from the Ambassador´s Kaffemik in Nuuk
English Translation (PDF 339 KB)

2014.07.07 | The Smiling Ambassador
Interview in Ud & Se

2014.06.18 | Party at the American Embassy
Photos from the Independence Day celebration in Berlingske

2014.06.15 | Potrait interview in Berlingske
Interview in Berlingske

2014.06.13 | Bornholm attracts lobbyists
Interview on DR2 Dagen

2014.05.01 | Assistant Secretary of State for EUR, Victoria Nuland interviewed by Poul Erik Skammelsen
Video on TV2’s website

2014.04.09 | Ambassador wants to put the critical conversation on the agenda
Interview in Aarhus Stiftstidende

2014.04.08 | U.S. Ambassador on visit
Interview on TV2 Østjylland

2014.03.24 | Speedy Ambassador
Interview in BT

2014.03.05 | Ambassador Gifford talks immigration in Vollsmose
Article in Fyens Stifttidense

2014.03.05 | Ambassador Gifford visits Vollsmose
Article on

2014.03.04 | Ambassador Gifford visits Universal Robots
Interview on TV2 Fyn

2014.02.26 | Ambassador Gifford hosting an Oscar Party II
Interview on TV2 Lorry 22:20

2014.02.26 | Ambassador Gifford hosting an Oscar Party
Interview on TV2 Lorry 19:30

2014.02.05 | Ambassador Gifford interviewed by Monte Carlo på P3
Interview on national radio DRP3

2014.01.31 | That’s why I love American football
Interview on Politiken TV. (Interview starts at 03:43)

2014.01.19 | Ambassador Gifford Discusses U.S. Intelligence Programs
Interview on DR2 Deadline

2014.01.17 | Gifford want to develop relations between Denmark and the U.S.
Interview in Kongressen.Com.

2014.01.16 | Olsvig: We should have more cooperation with the U.S.
Interview in Sermitsiaq with Greenlandic MP Sara Olsvig following a meeting with Ambassador Gifford.

2014.01.15 | Still in Love: The EU and the U.S. Continue Work on Free Trade Agreement
Joint interview with Danish Minister for Trade and European Affairs, Nick Hækkerup in Politiken.

2014.01.06 | Ambassador Gifford and partner, Stephen DeVincent attend H.M. The Queen’s New Years Reception.
Slide show on BT.DK


2013.12.02 | New Opportunities for Trade between the U.S. and the EU
Op-ed in Berlingske

2013.12.02 | Ambassador Gifford speaks at Aids Fondet’s World Aids Day Concert
Article on

2013.11.25 | 25 Minutes with Ambassador Gifford
Interview on

2013.11.01 | The kayaking U.S. Ambasssador.
Video on

2013.10.19 | Ambassador Gifford interviewed on P1 Morgen about Government Shutdown and the American political system
Recorded interview on P1

2013.10.18 | Ambassador Gifford interviewed on DR2 about Government Shutdown
Live interview on DR2

2013.09.27 | Ambassador Gifford interviewed on Radio 24Syv
Podcast on Radio 24Syv

2013.09.18 | Ambassador Gifford interviewed by TV2 News
Youtube of the interview. Posted with the kind permission of TV2 News

2013.08.30 | Radio show “Monte Carlo” welcomes Ambassador Gifford
Video from DRP3 on YouTube

2013.08.30 | The new U.S. Ambassador has landed
Article and video on BT

2013.08.30 | America’s new Ambassador arrives
Video on Berlingske

2013.08.30 | Here is the Americans’ new ambassador to Denmark
Article and video on

2013.08.28 | Here is the new U.S. Ambassador to Denmark
Article in BT

2013.08.28 | New American Gay Ambassador to Denmark
Article in Ekstrabladet

2013.08.28 | New Ambassador: Gay, Hollywood, and Really Rich
Article in MX

2013.08.28 | The U.S.’s new Ambassador sends his greetings to the Danes
Article in Berlingske

2013.08.28 | Here is the new U.S. Ambassador to Denmark
Article in Berlingske

2013.07.28 | Obama’s money man at “Denmark exam”
Article on

2013.07.06 | Obama makes golden boys ambassadors
Article in Information

2013.07.06 | Obama rewards golden boys
Article in Jyllandsposten

2013.06.21 | The U.S.’s new Ambassador in Denmark: Gay activist and mega fundraiser
Article in

2013.06.15 | Obama names his money man Ambassador to Denmark
Article in Berlingske

2013.06.15 | Golden boy to be next U.S. Ambassador to Denmark
Article in Politiken

2013.02.20 | Obama’s money man can become next ambassador to Denmark
Article on