Our Relationship

The relationship between the United States and the Kingdom of Denmark is strong and long-lasting. The interests of the United States and Denmark converge and correspond in many areas. These include trade, defense, law enforcement, support for human rights globally, countering violent extremism, strengthening civil society, countering and mitigating the effects of global warming, and many other issues.

The Kingdom of Denmark is unique in that it is the only country which is an Arctic nation, an EU member, and a NATO member. This means that our two countries work together very closely on many of the most important and pressing issues of our time. Around the world Denmark is a steadfast partner to the United States. This strong partnership benefits citizens of both our countries, but also benefits and enhances safety and security for citizens of many other countries.

The United States engages with all parts of the Kingdom of Denmark, both in terms of geography and demography. In addition to the Embassy in Copenhagen, the Unites States is represented by the Consulate in Nuuk, Greenland. Embassy officials visit the Faroe Islands and engage with their population as much as possible. In the same manner, the embassy seeks strong regional ties within Denmark. This is done through visits to all parts of Denmark, but also through making us available to people in Denmark through digital channels and through many different professional exchange programs between our peoples.

We work with a very diverse mix of stakeholders. In addition to the Governments of Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands these include local governments and a vast array of NGOs, businesses, cultural institutions, and educational institutions. The Embassy is home to many federal agencies that each play a large role in maintaining and strengthening strong ties between the United States and the Kingdom of Denmark and the peoples of our nations.

We believe close relations are based on openness and the expression of honest opinions. In that vein we welcome comments and questions about the United States, our foreign policy, and our work here in Denmark.