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Language Test

Information on Language Testing

When the Embassy needs to test for language abilities, this is the procedure:

  • The language test will be conducted in accordance with the minimum language level required and as appropriate for the advertised position
  • The language test may consist of an oral test and a written test as appropriate for the position
  • The written test may be multiple choice: grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension
  • The written test may consist of a translation from English into the host country language, and from the host country language into English, or writing a summary of a text
  • No dictionary may be used
  • All candidates tested will be given the same tests
  • The tests will be conducted in cooperation between the hiring section and the Human Resources Office, and if applicable the Community Liaison Office Coordinator as observer

Definition of Language Qualification Requirements:

Level 1:  Rudimentary knowledge.  Rudimentary verbal understanding of a limited vocabulary

Level 2:  Limited knowledge.  Limited knowledge of the written and spoken language, and a vocabulary limited to a specific occupation.  Job holder will be able to understand and carry out verbal instructions of a repetitive nature, and prepare simple forms or reports.

Level 3:  Good working knowledge.  Good working knowledge of the written and spoken language.  Job holder will be able to read and understand, for example, regulations, instructions and related material concerning the field of work, and to prepare correspondence and standardized reports.  Job holder will be able to communicate effectively with staff and members of the public in the language.

Level 4:  Fluent.  High degree of proficiency in both the written and spoken language, including the ability to translate the host country language into precise and correct English, and English into the host country language.  On occasion, the job holder may need to act as an interpreter in situations where considerable importance attaches to proper word meaning.

Level 5:  Professional translator/interpreter.  Ability to deal effectively with highly technical and sophisticated terminology in which fine nuances of meaning may at times assume major importance, or capable of simultaneous translation as in the case of conference reporting.