Kalaallit Nunaat USA-miippoq

At the Danish Embassy in Washington D.C., Greenland has an official representative.

His name is Inuuteq Holm Olsen, and he deals with bilateral relations between Greenland and the U.S.

We did an interview with him, on the Joint Committee and U.S.-Greenland relations. You can hear it on the link to the right, or see it below in written form:

2014.05.06 | Interview w. Inuuteq Holm Olsen

Official Representative of Greenland in the U.S.

Inuuteq H. Olsen: My name is Inuuteq Holm Olsen and I’m the official representative of Greenland at the Danish Embassy in Washington D.C. It’s a new position that Greenland has created to be present in the States, I just got there on 1st of February and I’m in the, yeah, establishing faze, establishing the Representation there right now. But things are moving and progressing well.

Q: Alright great, so what do you do specifically when representing Greenland?

Inuuteq H. Olsen: Well I mean, the reason why is of course, Greenland and the U.S. have had long standing relations and it’s also.. I mean my mission is to foster even more relations, for growth on the relationship between Greenland and the U.S. It’s on a wide specter of issues right from economic and commercial, to, you know political issues as well as cultural, scientific… so I’m trying to foster more relations between our two countries.

Q: Great. Do you have any thoughts that you’d like to share on Joint Committee, what is your opinion on the Joint Committee?

Inuuteq H. Olsen: I think we should use the framework for what it is, to both open doors in terms of creating more relations between Greenland and the U.S., because I mean, the interest is growing is growing and the interest is there I think, so it’s about using those possibilities that exists and using the framework that the Joint Committee can do, when it comes to establishing concrete results. I think of course we should focus on what it is… where there is mutual interest in both countries and focus on those, in order to, ‘cause that’s where you usually find common ground where you can achieve great results.


Q:  Do you have any ideas on which areas both the US and Greenland have great opportunities to benefit from Joint Committee?

IO: I think, when it comes to for. Example to scientific research, there’s a very strong presence from the US in Greenland and I think if we could somehow create relationships between universities or scientific institutions and Greenlandic educational institutions, so both can benefit from each other’s presence and foster relations that way, that’s for example one area. Another area is to, also…  I mean the possibilities in Greenland the recent years are expandin,g for example in the mineral sector and we need investors fx in those sectors. Another thing that we can use the Joint Committee to is to try to create some interest in the new possibilities that exist in Greenland when it comes to those new sectors in the economy. So that’s also one of the areas that we could, that we could, I mean, that we are focusing on and I think we should focus on.

Q: Alright great!
Inuuteq H. Olsen
: Yeah. 

Q: The last question is, you as a Greenlander, what does US-Greenland relations mean to you?

Inuuteq H. Olsen: Wll, it actually means a lot to me because U.S. is, so to speak my, second home, that’s the country that  I spent most years in, besides Greenland because I lived there for 7 years, taking my studies there.

So I have a close affiliation with the US and I have, you know, witnessed and experienced what can be done in the US and its one the great reasons why I’d like to see for example more Greenlandic students studying the US because I think that’s an excellent opportunity to learn as well as to compete in, you know, amongst other students. Because the US is very international and the universities especially, so it’s a great way to learn I think, something that you can always use when going back to Greenland, besides of.. I mean all the skills you acquire , linguistically, technically, etc. etc.

Q: Alright, that’s great!
Inuuteq H. Olsen
: I hope it made sense.