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Learn more about our Small Grants Program and other funding opportunities

Small Grants Program

Through the Public Diplomacy Section small grants program, the U.S. Embassy in Copenhagen and Consulate in Nuuk provides partial support for artistic and cultural performances, educational initiatives and non-governmental organization (NGO) projects whose aim is to promote and deepen the understanding and appreciation of American foreign policy and culture.

The Embassy elicits proposals with outstanding merit that support the U.S. Government’s broad goals of fostering mutual cooperation. In deciding which projects to support, the Embassy will give consideration to the full range and diversity of Danish organizations – cultural, NGO and educational – and will seek to target geographically and demographically diverse audiences in Denmark.  Applications for the Small Grants Program should not exceed $10,000.

Deadlines for proposals are:

  • January 31
  • April 30
  • July 31
  • October 31

Submission Criteria:

  • All applications must be submitted electronically to CopenhagenGrants@state.gov by the deadline. Applications received after the deadline will not be processed.
  • All proposals must be submitted in English.
  • All applications must be complete and submitted in the correct (most recent) application template.
  • Applications in a different template will not be accepted. Please read our instructions on how to fill in the application form.
  • All applications must have a detailed budget.
  • Applicants must confirm their non–profit status; no for-profit entities will be considered.

Evaluation Criteria:

Preference will be given to institutions and individuals with a proven track record of executing superior events, workshops and programs.

Applications should have an American component. Projects incorporating an American speaker, artist, performer, author, etc., are considered stronger.

Applications requesting Embassy co-financing are considered stronger.

Applications should focus on one or more of the Embassy’s priority themes and initiatives (see below):

  • Cultural programing (music, dance, film, theatre, photography, etc.)
  • Democracy, Good Governance, and Rule of law
  • Educational initiatives (English language and American studies)
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Environment, Science and Technology, and Health
  • Energy Security
  • Gender or LGBT Equality
  • Human Rights, Minority Integration and Strengthening of Civil Society
  • Countering Disinformation and Encouraging Media Literacy
  • Countering Violent Extremism

How to Apply for a Small Grant

Please submit your proposals to CopenhagenGrants@state.gov by the deadline.

The U.S. Embassy receives a number of proposals, of which we are able to support a percentage, contingent upon available funds.

To make your application more competitive, please be brief, clear and to the point. We appreciate your interest in the Small Grants Program and wish you the best of luck! Please read our instructions on how to fill in the application form.

Embassy Small Grants Cannot Fund

Please note that Embassy grants CANNOT be used to fund religious organizations or partisan political activity; study or culture trips abroad (i.e. out of Denmark); trade activities; fundraising campaigns; charitable activities; humanitarian aid; commercial projects; scientific research; projects whose primary aim is the institutional development and operational costs of the organization; or representational expenses (lunch, alcoholic beverages, flowers etc.). The Embassy also cannot give grants to commercial firms/ for-profit firms.

If you have questions during the application process, please don’t hesitate to contact us at CopenhagenGrants@state.gov.

Other Funding Opportunities

The Cultural Heritage Center (CHC) in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), in coordination with the bureaus of European and Eurasian Affairs (EUR) and Western Hemisphere Affairs (WHA), launched the Arctic Indigenous Cultural Heritage Initiative (AICHI) in 2021 to support the protection, preservation, and perpetuation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage within Arctic Indigenous communities. The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State announces an open competition for organizations to submit applications to the participating U.S. embassies for projects in their country.

The U.S. Consulate in Nuuk invites proposals for cultural heritage protection, preservation, and perpetuation projects that will strengthen people-to-people relationships to advance cooperation between the United States and Arctic Indigenous communities across a spectrum of issues, including education, culture, and the environment.

Funding Opportunity Title:  Arctic Indigenous Cultural Heritage Initiative (AICHI)

Funding Opportunity Number:  Pending

Deadline for Applications: Pending

Funding:  The Cultural Heritage Center (CHC), Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA)

Total Amount Available:  Dependent on availability of funding

Maximum for Each Award:Pending

Minimum for Each Award: Pending

Participants and Audiences:  Indigenous communities, museums, governmental institutions, NGOs, or other Indigenous-focused organizations.

For more details and application instructions, please see the full Notice of Funding Opportunity:

Denmark_NOFO _AICHI.docx

Statement of Interest: