Garbage Collection Service at the U.S. Embassy Copenhagen

Request for Bids/Quotations

The U.S. Embassy Copenhagen wishes to establish a contract for Garbage Collection Service at the U.S. Embassy Copenhagen

Anticipated performance is for a period of twelve months. (April 1st 2023 through March 31th 2024)

As of Thursday, January 5 th 2023, the Embassy is soliciting quotations from interested vendors.

Offers are due by February 13th 2023 at 12:00, local time.

For further information regarding the solicitation and site visit please contact:

Copenhagen Procurement Team
Phone: +45 3341 7100




For quotations exceeding $30,000 USD (or the equivalent in local currency):  Offerors shall be registered in the SAM (System for Award Management) database at prior to submittal of their offer/proposal as prescribed under FAR 4.1102.

Failure to be registered at time of proposal submission may deem the offeror’s proposal to be considered non-responsible and no further consideration will be given. Therefore, offerors are highly encouraged to register immediately if they are interested in submitting a response to this requirement.