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Event at Rydhave
Event at Rydhave

Non-U.S. Citizens Studying in Denmark

This program, officially called The Foreign National Student Intern Program (FNSIP) is designed for students who are non-U.S. citizens seeking internships with the U.S. State Department at U.S. Missions outside the U.S. The program benefits both posts and students by providing the non-U.S. students with valuable educational experience in U.S. Missions and by assisting posts in accomplishing their mission goals. The purpose of the Program is to offer students the challenge of working in a foreign affairs arena and at the same time profit by their assistance. There are no benefits attached to this internship, the intern is not an employee of the Embassy, Department of State or the United States Government. The internship is uncompensated / unpaid.

The program is open to students, who are not U.S. citizens, at least 18 years of age, who have graduated from high school or equivalent secondary school, are enrolled in a trade school, technical or vocational institute, junior college, university or comparable recognized educational institution in Denmark. The students must have the required residence and work permits for students in Denmark. Students with dual citizenship including U.S. are not eligible for this program, but should apply for the U.S. Citizenship program.

In addition to these requirements, the sections that host interns require that students have a least two years of studies behind them and/or are graduate students. Please see individual internship descriptions for details.

The student is to continue or to be starting additional studies at a college, university or equivalent following the internship to be eligible. Confirm in your application when you will graduate and from which institution.

The student must have demonstrated potential to accomplish the type of work to be performed. The student must be in good academic standing at his or her current educational institution and provide a certified transcript to verify it and must provide written permission from the educational institution in which the student is enrolled.

Minimum language requirements for all internships: Danish and English level 3 (good working knowledge). The individual positions may require level 4 in one or both languages. Please check the position announcement for the position you are applying for.

The student must receive a security certification and a medical certification before commencement of the internship.

Internships typically run between February to August or September to January. Internships are part-time or full-time for a minimum of 4 to 6 months. See Intern categories below for when to apply.


The Political-Economic Section and the Environment, Science & Technology and Health (ESTH) Section of the American Embassy in Copenhagen advance cooperation between the Kingdom of Denmark and the United States of America. The Embassy is offering internships in three specific areas of focus: political, economic and ESTH.

Responsibilities of interns include researching and reporting on political, economic and ESTH affairs with the objective of providing insight into developments affecting U.S.-Danish relations. Issues covered include Danish, Faroese, and Greenlandic internal political and economic affairs, NATO, peacekeeping and security issues, trade developments, financial regulations, clean technology, renewable energy, climate finance, technology commercialization, scientific research collaboration, and Arctic issues (including climate change, wildlife and health).


Interns will report directly to the relevant Specialist. Duties can include providing a written and verbal daily update of current affairs along with providing analyses and briefings on select topics, including contributing to background reports on select areas of interest. The successful candidates will also be expected to attend key lectures/presentations, lead special projects, assist with visitors and actively participate in relevant internal and external meetings and duties may include organizational tasks. Interns will also be able to pursue a long term project to make a lasting contribution in an area in which they have expertise and the Embassy has interest.

Duration and Working Hours

The schedule will be flexible to match the intern’s educational obligations, and the intern will be expected to work approximately 20 hours per week. The internship will begin in September 2020 and last up to six months with a minimum of four months. The internship is unpaid.


Graduate students with significant interest and/or competencies in economic, environmental and/or political issues are strongly encouraged to apply.

Regardless of academic focus, highly-motivated undergraduate students with strong academic credentials will be considered. Essential skills/abilities include: analytical competencies, thinking creatively, demonstrating a willingness to work in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment, and good organizational and interpersonal skills and maintaining a good sense of humor. The successful candidate must have strong English writing and communication skills. Working level Danish is required.

To Apply

Please indicate if you have a preferred office within the section. Follow the instructions below and indicate in the subject line that you are applying for the POL/ECON/ESTH internship.

Application Deadline: April 1, 2020

Would you like to help us communicate U.S. foreign policy, history and culture to our Danish audiences? Do you want to be part of the biggest Public Diplomacy family in the world?

If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’, you should apply for a Public Affairs Internship at the U.S. Embassy in Copenhagen.

Who We Are

The Public Affairs Section (PAS) at the U.S. Embassy in Copenhagen connects with all aspects of the Danish public. We communicate U.S. foreign policy, culture, and history through many different channels and to many different audiences. We work with the Ambassador to develop a plan to engage the Danish media, we promote visits of U.S. officials and experts in the Danish media, we bring U.S experts to speak at universities, we educate future Danish leaders about the U.S., we bring U.S. artists to Denmark to perform and inform about U.S. culture, and all this, we communicate through various media platforms.

Who You Are

You are a resourceful and innovative university student with at least two years of studies behind you, a keen interest in international relations and a good understanding of the importance of communication in international relations. You study:

  • American Studies
  • Social / Political Science
  • Communication
  • Media Studies
  • English
  • or similar

You have an interest in communicating U.S. values and policy to a Danish audience. You believe that information and knowledge are vital when forming an opinion about an issue and you want to help make sure Danes have access to the most factual and complete knowledge about the U.S. You have an interest in telling America’s story and helping maintain the good and unique relationship that the U.S. and Denmark have enjoyed since 1801. You have substantial knowledge about Danish and American societies and values, and the ability to explain American society to Danes.

Our work environment is constantly evolving, and job tasks vary greatly from day to day. Therefore, you need to be able to handle many tasks simultaneously and have a keen sense of priority. You have excellent interpersonal skills and can communicate with 5th graders as well as high-level officials and diplomats in English and Danish, both verbally and in writing.

Experience with web editing as well as video and photo editing (Photoshop and Final Cut) is an advantage. Creative minds are welcome!
Needless to say, your writing abilities in Danish, as well as English, are impeccable. You are familiar with using MS Office software and social media platforms, and you are able to exercise judgment when writing texts.

Job tasks

You will work with all aspects of what we do in PAS and you will be included in many different PAS events and projects. The majority of your work will be assisting the Public Affairs Section’s Information, Research and Communication (IRC) Director in communicating what PAS and the Embassy as a whole are doing. You will do this through tasks such as, but not limited to:

  • Writing material and producing videos for the embassy’s Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts and sharing this material.
  • Coming up with concepts and ideas to communicate U.S. foreign policy priorities to Danish audiences.
  • Help evaluate current digital outreach strategies and concepts.
  • Planning and managing projects and embassy events
  • Communicating the U.S. to Danish primary, secondary, and high school students via our youth outreach website “USA i skolen.
  • News and Social Media Montiring
  • Translating
  • Website editing
  • Ad hoc communication tasks

You will interact with all sections of the embassy and participate in embassy events with outside contacts.

If you have questions about the internship, feel free to contact the current interns or the IRC Director via email CopenhagenIRC@State.Gov.

Timeframe and Terms

The internship duration is up to six months. We are looking for two or three full time (40 hours/week – 08.30-17.00) interns. If you are only able to work part-time, we can discuss reduced hours. The internship begins in September 2020 and lasts up to six months with a minimum of four months.

The internship is unpaid.

Relevance to the Student

The internship will be constructed to accommodate special requirements from the student’s school. The goal of the internship is to give the student insights into the workings of a U.S. mission, American foreign policy, history, and culture, Public Diplomacy, as well as a general introduction into working in an international environment.

For more information about the Public Affairs Section, please visit the PAS web page.

To Apply

Follow the instructions below and indicate that you are applying for the PAS internship.

Application Deadline: April 1, 2020


U.S. citizen? Please visit the internship main page to review the internship possibilities for U.S. citizens.

To apply for Foreign National Student Internship please:

  • Download the application form (PDF 2.6 MB) and fill it out
  • Write a Statement of Interest where you explain why you are applying. Be sure to include which internship you are applying for.
  • Send the application form, statement of interest, and all other relevant documents (recommendations, grade transcripts etc.) to: and indicate in the subject line of the email which internship you are applying for. If you apply for more than one internship, you will need to send individual applications and statements of interest for each internship.
  • Application deadline for spring 2020 internships is December  1, 2019.

We look forward to hearing from you.

U.S. citizen? Please visit the internship main page to review the internship possibilities for U.S. citizens.