Training Opportunities

Information on International Student Training Opportunities in the United States

The Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC) is the sole point of contact for the Government of Denmark for all military training and education in the United States.

The ODC is responsible for sending Danish military and civilian personnel

to different schoolhouses in the United States. This training includes pilot training, Professional Military Education (PME) training, medical training and other specific training requested by the Danish Defense Personnel Office (DDPO) to complement host country training. The ODC programs this training with each of the Danish Military commands and DDPO during the selection and processing of students to attend training in the United States.

While information is readily available, only training requested and purchased through the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) channels via respective Danish Defense channels will be made available, if deemed releasable to the foreign government in line with the United States’ National Disclosure Policy.

Please contact ODC if you need further information about training

opportunities in the United States.