Linea Lücking – California

Linea and her last host family at graduation (private photo)
Linea and her last host family at graduation (private photo)

My year in Northern California, U.S., can be described as being the hardest and the most fun, interesting and informative year of my life. Being away from home, far away from my family and everything else that I know was not always easy. But in every way, it has been totally worth it.

I was away for the school year of 2010/2011 and I lived in the Southern Humboldt County, California – a four hour drive north of San Francisco. I was on exchange through Rotary, which means that I got to live with three different host families.

I got the opportunity to experience life on an American high school, prom and graduation. I met young people from all over the world, built valuable friendships and at the same I got the chance to experience a very different side of the U.S. – and the state of California especially. I was so lucky to get the opportunity to travel across all of the U.S. with my host families and other exchange students.

During my year I visited Hawaii, San Francisco, Disneyland (CA), Oregon, New York City, Washington D.C. and many other places.

As an exchange student I got experiences and friends for life and my year in the U.S. is a year that I will never forget.

Kind regards,

Linea Lücking