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Apply for a Passport

IMPORTANT: The passport application form DS-11 must be signed in front of a Consular Officer at the US Embassy. In order to sign the form in front of a Consular Officer, one must make an appointment to visit the U.S. Embassy.

This form is for applicants who:

  • Cannot present their last passport (follow this link lost or stolen)
  • Have never been issued a U.S. passport
  • Hold a passport issued before the age of 16 or more than fifteen years ago
  • Hold a five year passport
  • Your previous U.S. passport has been damaged / mutilated

There are special instructions for passports for minors under 16. Please see “Children’s Passports“.

Passport Check-List:

  • Complete FORM DS-11 online, and print it out. Do not print the instructions as you are to use this website instead.  At ‘Mailing Address’ list your Danish address, even if it is only temporary.  Do NOT sign the form.  Applications filled out by hand may require longer to process.
  • Your passport, if you hold a passport issued more than fifteen years ago, and one copy.
  • Original U.S. Birth Certificate or original Consular Report of Birth Abroad and one copy.
  • Original Certificate of Naturalization  (if applicable) and one copy.
  • Passport application form DS-11
  • Provide one U.S. format photo: 2″ x 2″ (5 x 5 cm.) passport photo. Click here for guidance on the perfect U.S. passport photo.
  • Current Photo ID and one copy.
  • For damaged/mutilated passports only: provide a signed statement explaining how the damage occurred.
  • Pre-paid self-addressed envelope if you want your new citizenship documents mailed back to you.  IMPORTANT MAILING INSTRUCTIONS:  Please purchase a pre-paid mailing label on the Post-Nord website: https://www.postnord.dk/en.  Please select “Rek & Value Traceable” and pay 96 DKK for mail within Denmark.  For mail to Greenland, the Faroe Islands, and Sweden please select the appropriate country from the drop-down menu, then select “Rek & Value Traceable” and pay 132 DKK.  Retain your tracking number.  We are unable to mail to any other locations.  Please do NOT use postage stamps on your envelope.
  • You can pay the appropriate passport services application fee in DKr, in U.S. dollars, or by credit card.  Note that we can only process credit card payments if the card holder is available to sign the payment authorization slip.
  • Set up an appointment via the link below.  IMPORTANT: Print the appointment confirmation page or save it on your phone.  You will NOT receive a confirmation e-mail.