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Learn more about the embassy, the work we do, and the U.S. – Kingdom of Denmark relationship

U.S. – Kingdom of Denmark Relationship

The relationship between the United States and the Kingdom of Denmark is robust and long-lasting. The interests of the United States and Denmark converge and correspond in many areas. These include trade, defense, law enforcement, support for human rights globally, countering violent extremism, strengthening civil society, countering and mitigating the effects of global warming, and many other issues.

A Unique Partner

Denmark is unique in that it is one of the only countries that are Arctic nations, EU members, and NATO members. This means that our two countries work together very closely on many of the most important and pressing issues of our time. Around the world, the Kingdom of Denmark is a steadfast partner of the United States. This strong partnership benefits citizens of both our countries, but also benefits and enhances safety and security for citizens of many other countries. 

Engagement Throughout the Kingdom 

The United States engages with all parts of the Kingdom of Denmark, both in terms of geography and demography. In addition to the Embassy in Copenhagen, the United States is represented by the Consulate in Nuuk, Greenland. Embassy officials visit the Faroe Islands and engage with their population as much as possible. In the same manner, the embassy seeks strong regional ties within Denmark. This is done through visits to all parts of Denmark, but also through making us available to people in Denmark through digital channels and many different professional exchange programs between our people. 

People to People Diplomacy with Danish, Greenlandic, and Faroese Societies

We work with a very diverse mix of stakeholders. In addition to the Governments of Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands these include local governments and a vast array of NGOs, businesses, cultural institutions, and educational institutions. The Embassy is home to many federal agencies that each play a large role in maintaining and strengthening strong ties between the United States and the Kingdom of Denmark and the peoples of our nations. 

We believe close relations are based on openness and expression of honest opinions. In that vein, we welcome comments and questions about the United States, our foreign policy, and our work here in Denmark. 

Sections and Offices

The U.S Embassy in Copenhagen serves as the bilateral Mission between the Kingdom of Denmark and the United States, as well as the hub for a number of Nordic and Baltic U.S. Representations. Regional representations include the Office of Environment, Science, Technology, and Health (ESTH), as well as the Legal Attaché and the Drug Enforcement Agency under the Department of Justice. Other Embassy offices include the Commercial Service under the Department of Commerce, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Homeland Security.

The Embassy also houses the procurement office for the U.S. Air Force Base at Thule, Greenland – Detachment 1. You can contact them via email: 21CONS.Det-1.OMB@us.af.mil

Diplomatic relations  between Denmark and the United States go back to 1801, which makes Denmark one of the countries with the longest unbroken diplomatic ties to the U.S. See the Office of the Historian  for more background information on U.S. diplomatic history.

Learn more about the individual sections and offices.

Doing Business with the U.S. Embassy

Doing business with the U.S. Embassy to the Kingdoms of Denmark, providing goods or services happens through the Procurement Section of the General Services Office. On their page dedicated to business opportunities you will be able to find solicitations issued by the Embassy or Consulate for the acquisition of commodities and/or services.

You can also learn more about how to bid on U.S. Government Contracts, how to register in SAM (System for Award Management), and get answers to your solicitation questions.


The U.S. Ambassador's Residence, Rydhave

“Rydhave”, the residence of the United States’ Ambassador to Denmark, stands out among the grand villas in the neighborhood of Skovshoved, a few miles north of Copenhagen along the scenic coastal road, Strandvejen. Perched on a high hill, overlooking the narrow strait Øresund, separating Denmark from Sweden, its stately white walls and steep slate roofs create a striking ensemble, further enhanced by the extensive grounds that frame the mansion.

Inside the house guests are greeted by a series of large, elegant reception rooms, comfortably furnished and adorned with numerous examples of American artwork — creating the perfect environment in which to consider the New World point of view.

Over the years, each Ambassador has brought his or her own life style, notions of comfort and privacy to the residence. In this they have reflected the tastes and appearances of the last five decades of Danish-American friendship.

Art in Embassies

The Art in Embassies Program (AIEP) is a unique blend of art and diplomacy, politics and culture. Regardless of medium, style, or subject matter, art transcends barriers of language. It provides the means by which AIEP achieves its mission to promote national pride and the distinct cultural identity of American art and its artists.

Modestly conceived in 1964, the Art in Embassies Program has evolved into a sophisticated program that manages and exhibits more than 3,000 original works of art created by U.S. citizens. Displayed in the public rooms of some 160 U.S. Embassy residences and diplomatic missions worldwide, it is obtained through loan from sources that include museums, galleries, institutions, corporations, artists, and private collectors. These partnerships continue to be AIEP’s greatest strength and make it possible to provide excellent and distinctive examples of art in a variety of media.

The Art in Embassies Program exhibitions are tangible examples of the diversity and individuality of expression which American artists have the freedom to present through their art. They are a source of great pride to U.S. Ambassadors, assisting them in multi-functional outreach to host-country educational, cultural, business, and diplomatic communities.

Detailed information about the Program may be obtained by accessing the AIEP web site at http://art.state.gov . It functions as an interactive global museum by featuring online exhibition catalogs and hyperlinks to participating U.S. ambassadors, artists, museums, and galleries.

Art at Rydhave

In Denmark, AIEP art is exhibited at the Ambassador’s residence, Rydhave, north of Copenhagen.